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Winner of Modding Contest by Paradox Interactive

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Where to download?

My mods can be used with various platforms : Windows, Linux, Mac and XBox. Officially there are 3 websites to download my mods, don't use other site for your security and keep update the mods.

How to install?

Since Amstrong update you can install my mods from the Mod Manager in-game for Steam, GOG, XBox players. If for any reason you can't install with this tool you can download directly on Paradox Mods or Nexusmods and put the HPK file in AppData\Roaming\Surviving Mars\Mods folder.

  • Download HPK file
  • Create new folder in AppData\Roaming\Surviving Mars\Mods and give it a name
  • Rename HPK file in ModContent.hpk and put it in your new folder
  • Launch the game and enable the mod in the Mod Manager

What's New?

1st July 2019

New mod

Super Computer

Mod : Super Computer This building gives some bonus for all buildings in its radius (24 hexes). Tech required : Quantum Computing (SILVATECH)

24th June 2019

New mod

Atuomated factories

Mod : Automated Factories Add 3 new automated factories to produce Polymers, Machine Parts and Electronics. Don't require workers or dome nearby but its production is reduced. Tech required : Automated Systems (SILVATECH)

29th May 2019

New mod

Mega Apartment

Mod : Mega Apartment New residential spire. Provides living space for numerous Colonists, granting high Comfort.
Mega Apartment vs. Arcology Skyline I would like create a variant of Skyline (my other mod). Because I prefer to create new buildings with the vanilla gameplay for a better integration.
With the Skyline I can't add colorization scheme and I can't add new skin. For the Mega Apartment I reused the same model, I reworked the textures, lights, better 3D optimization, colorization map and I removed the upgrades system.
If you want you can play with the both buildings, there are no conflicts.

16th May 2019


Surviving Mars Green Planet

Green Planet is here and my mods are updated for this new DLC and Amstrong update, check the changeslog:


  • Codename : Red Dune Mods (RDM)
  • New core files version This version is incompatible with the mods using old core version
  • No longer require the load order
  • Removed all my build menus and replaced by an unique submenu "Additional buildings" in each official building category.
  • Added new logo : International Fuel Corporation (available for all sponsors)

All mods

  • Compatible with Essential Files v3.0
  • Compatible with Green Planet DLC & Amstrong update
  • Added UPDATES.txt
  • Fixed various minor bugs

Suspended mods

  • International Fuel Corporation
  • Pinned Rocket Plus

New Build Menu

New Build Menu The old menus have been removed. Now, it use the new sub-menu system implanted by the dev with this update. In each build menu category you have a new icon "Additional Buildings", you can find all my buildings here (for each category).


Screenshot Surviving Mars Silva Mods
Screenshot Surviving Mars Silva Mods
Screenshot Surviving Mars Silva Mods
Screenshot Surviving Mars Silva Mods
Screenshot Surviving Mars Silva Mods
Screenshot Surviving Mars Silva Mods
Screenshot Surviving Mars Silva Mods

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